Those of you who "know" me, know that I generally prefer private things kept private.  But when the potential for
greater good (however you define that) is bigger, getting personal in public is okay.

With that, I note with certainty that some of the scariest words ever heard during an annual exam are "I found a lump in your breast. I'd like you to have a mammogram right now."

Yeah, that.  Turns out, after a couple of crazymaking days that include a followup mammogram for closeup images and anothe ultrasound appointment just to make double extra super sure--my situtation likely falls into the 80% of all abnormalities:  all good.

For many women, that outcome is not as happy.  

So, ladies, get checked.  Start with an annual visit.  Ask for a breast exam.  (If my doctor didn't do one, I never would've thought to ask.)  A mammogram never, ever would've been on my radar, as I have no family history, am under 40 (barely, but it counts), eat a largely plant-based diet, non-smoker, have pretty nicely shaped boobies with no weirdness, etc. etc.  I'm not stupid, I know about self-exams and general health, have cancer-survivor friends--and I still had a suspicious lump that I missed.

Gentlemen, ask your ladies if they've been checked.

I promise not to be all evangelical about this issue, but my mindset has shifted.  Cost is no excuse, and I've listed some local resources here.  It's stupid not to sort this piece out early, get a baseline mammogram, and take responsibility for your health.

It's so stupid not to do this.  So, do it. :-)



11/23/2014 02:11

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