In an effort to lighten the mood a bit, here is a piece about tattooing in Maine that's been a very, very long time in the making.  If I was responsible for the art direction, I would have highlighted (in addition to the fab Phuc Tran and Chris Dingwell), the work of Danielle Madore at Sanctuary Tattoo and Tom Murphy at Tom's Terrific Tattoos.

There's some neat stuff happening in Maine's tattoo community. Click here for my Modern Love essay that inspired my interest.

Challenge:  Study your community for any unique or unusual subcultures.  Resolve to learn more about them.


11/08/2014 09:52

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01/22/2015 06:15

Tattoo practice spans centuries and cultures, I lot of people want it or disliked it.

02/23/2015 07:48

There is a lot of subcultures in our community. Some of them are realy unusual)


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